TRR Referral for NJ Real Estate Agents

TRR Referral is a real estate referral company connected to a full-service real estate brokerage firm, Two River Realty. TRR Referral provides New Jersey real estate agents who have an active real estate license with a way to engage in real estate referrals and earn significant extra income.

Benefits of holding your license with TRR Referral

  • TRR Referral is not associated with the national, state, or local Associations of Realtors®. Therefore, you do not have to pay the high cost of Realtor association and multiple listing service dues, nor do you pay for Errors and Omissions insurance.  There is only a nominal annual fee paid to TRR Referral.  
  • Affiliation with TRR Referral keeps your real estate license active so you can be paid referral fees.  If you subsequently decide to go into real estate sales, all you need to do is transfer your license.
  • You can establish a highly lucrative side business simply by referring friends, family and acquaintances with real estate needs.
  • All you have to do is obtain some basic information from the prospective buyer or seller and call us.  We handle all of the details.
Reasons to Join
  • Maintain an active real estate referral license
  • Earn Income by being paid for closed transactions
  • Make referrals to or from anywhere in the country
  • NO real estate association fees
  • NO MLS fees
  • NO errors and omissions insurance

This is How It Works

 If you know anyone who want to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the United States, simply:

  • Contact our office with their name, address, phone number and other relevant information and we will place your referral with a full-time licensed salesperson.
  • When the property you referred closes title, you will be paid a referral fee!
  • It's that simple!

 Who Can Join?

  • If you have an active real estate license in the state of New Jersey, we can simply transfer your license to TRR Referral.
  • If your license is inactive in New Jersey and has not expired, we can easily activate it and place it with TRR Referral.
  • If you are new to real estate and are just getting your license in New Jersey, you may do so with TRR Referral.

How Do I Get More Information?

Call us at 732-842-3006 and we'll be glad to answer any of your questions about TRR Referral or send an email at